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Lucy leads the pack at Jog-A-Fun 2014

Finishing up 30 laps!

Water Break

Now...surely Lucy didn't just sample that fresh-baked pie...

Henry defends the cabin with what he calls his "double-barreled-bear-shooter"

First year of cookie sales goes well

Merry Christmas!

Lucy Age 7

School Christmas Presentation was a Success

All dressed up for Thanksgiving

Testing out the new floor

Henry and Lucy discuss the beginning of a new school year

First Day of PK-3...

Confident and Ready For Anything

Slow Down Sissy!

Uhhh...what's on my head?

Henry and Lucy Test Drive a Camel

Lucy and Sonic ready for the horse show

On her own...

Nice job

Lucy heads off to Switch Willo Horse Camp

Back Off little bother

Meeting one of the horses

Knight in Shining Armor...I mean pajamas

Happy 3rd Birthday Henry!

A little spit on the cake...

Cheesy smiles

Henry launches his rocketship