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Pre-Birthday Celebration

Soon to be 7 Years Old!

Yes, these are my butt-kickin boots, what of it?!

Excuse me Sir, have you seen Henry?

Fishing trip, Yegua Creek

OK! I'll smile, but it's very painful.

Excited for Jog-A-Fun

Tearing up the Laps

Lucy checks out the new closet under the stairs

You'd think they had been good all year!

Three Types of Trouble

Balloon animals and bouncy houses...Fall Festival 2012

Lucy age 6

Henry age 2

The Belcik Family 2012

Lucy, ready to take on 1st Grade.

Henry enjoys the sunset

Lucy studies a Red Ant mound at South Llano State park

Happy Fourth!

Man, Sissy, what a haul...


A Day at the Beach with Nanie and Papa

A Day at the Beach with Nanie and Papa

Lucy, put to work in Papa's garden

Diggin Taters

Lucy sporting her new curls!

And a new dress!

Kindergarten Graduation, A Big day for Lucy

Kim poses with the little Graduate.

Lucy. Kindergarten Grad.

Lucy plays rodeo at Grandparent's Day

Happy 2nd Birthday Henry

What are we waiting on?