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Happy Birthday Lucy!

I think Lucy likes her new bike

Lucy has plenty of help trying out her new wheels

Keeping an eye on Sissy

Picnic at Pedernales State Park

Picnic at Pedernales State Park

Henry running around making engine noises

I'm sorta busy here...what do you want?

Lucy lands her biggest fish yet!

Henry keeps an eye on the neighborhood

A rare look at Lucy in mid-air

Helping Mama cook dinner

Why so serious Lucy?

Henry is ready to "help" Sissy color

Fishing at Buescher State Park.

Nice one Lucy

Not to be outdone, Tomas lands a bigger one.

Henry tries on his new snow gear...ready for Colorado!

How do I look?


Happy Halloween, 2011

Hank briefs his posse before the Trick or Treating begins.

Is there any candy in this thing?

Hank the Cowboy.


Who took m horse!?

Monsters? What Monsters?


Henry loves the sand box... a fault...

Seriously! Henry.

The Grandbabies are keeping PawPaw pretty busy.

Lucy is excited for the first day of Kindergarden

Brand new backpack in hand

Look at the camera Henry!

Lucy poses with Mommy

Is this right?

Happy 4th!

Giddy Up.

Sup...tough guy

Lucy goes to feed the animals...little did she know she was being FED to the animals.

Lucy assists with maiden flight of Daddie's new Pietenpol

Test flights were a success!

Henry: "That better not be MY milk!

Are you sure I'm supposed to eat those?

Lucy wrestles a gator.