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Archived for you enjoyment - Pictures from 2010

Henry...your looking a little guilty, what did you do?

Lucy turns 5! Silly as ever.

Bubba-Brown-Bear gets a bear hug from Lucy

I better check out Sissy's bike.

OH MY GOSH! Did you know this chair rocks?

Almost walking.

Henry is sporting his new suit, ready for his Baptism

Joey and Liz fuss over their Godson

Daddy...can you make them stop...

Ummm...Mama...I might have gotten some food in my hair...

Can I have some cake now!?


Fearless Henry, ready to explore...

Well this isn't fun at all. I want to play in the white stuff.

Big Sister really helps out...."ooopen your mouth brother..."

I'm ready for my Christmas Feast

I can't keep up....

Henry gets an airplane for Christmas

Opening presents is exhausting work...

Nice Sweater.

I didn't do it....

Lil Punkin

Big Punkin and her friends

You got anything to eat?

I'm so ready to crawl.

Pretty Girl...Pretty Dress

Silly Girl...Pretty Dress


The two rug-rats

Can we just get on with the bath?

Henry taking care of business on the playmat

Rice Cereal! I thought I was getting a steak and potatoes...

Lucy and Henry hang out in Daddy's office

LUCY: OK, this is the gas and this is the rudder and this... HENRY: Hmmmm...what happens if I move these servo reverse switches....

Oh MAN!...I can't wait to get my hands on those toys

Lucy's first day of PK-4

Two Monkeys...

Lucy says "Happy 4th!" as she waits for the parade

Henry did seem impressed by the 4th of July Parade

Henry meets his Mamie

Chillin at Mamie's House

Having a blast at Mateo's Birthday Blowout

Lucy hangin with the Birthday Boy

Look at those muscles!

Uhh...a little help here

Happy to be home at last.

This car ride is taking entirely too long...

He's so tiny.

Rough life....

Very cute when he's asleep.

Lucy and Tomas check out baby Henry

Nonnie and Pawpaw have a new baby to spoil!

Lucy's Baby Brother is finally here! Happy Birthday Henry Marcus

Call the cops...Lucy picked a Bluebonnet!

Run Lucy! The Bluebonnet Cops are coming...

Lucy sings to her Baby Brother...