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Archived for you enjoyment - Pictures from Lucy's 4th Year

Lucy dresses as a teacher for Career-Dress-Up-Day


Lucy constructs her first snowball

Stand still Daddy so I can clobber you with this giant snowball...

Goofing off at Buescher State Park

Goofing off at Buescher State Park

Birthday Party at Chuck-e-Cheese (aka Rat Pizza)

I'd like to say Lucy is winning...but she isn't...sigh...

Lucy and Madison "Clean-up" Christmas Eve

Thanksgiving 2009

Happy Halloween!

Lucy getting psyched about her first back-country camping trip

Lucy helps Baby Mateo open his present

Was it a boring book Lucy?

Lucy looks a little nervous on her first day of Pre-School

OK...maybe not too nervous...

Lucy is on the petting-zoo circuit with her Nonnie and PawPaw

Fishin at Mills Pond

The Big Catch!

Fishin Buddies

Lucy helps Mama shuck a whole bowl of fresh corn

Here Mama...cook'em

Fun in the sun at Nonnie n Pawpaws

Fun in the sun at Nonnie n Pawpaws

I'm sure glad Daddy isn't here to take "taxes" on my ice cream!

Pawpaw puts Lucy to work in the garden pulling onions

The Fairy Princess is putting on her jewels.

Now she's off to the party.

We must put on Party hats before cake.

What's this green stuff on my birthday cake? good...can't eat another bite...

Lucy gets a new playhouse for her 3rd Birthday!

Lucy! What in the world is that big present?

Wow a Bike!

Look at me!