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Archived for you enjoyment - Pictures from Lucy's Third Year


Lucy practices piano

The bread is for the ducks Lucy...


Caught Ya!

Can you spot Lucy in this picture?

Lucy got a handmade, custom kitchen for Christmas, Thanks Nonnie & PawPaw

I bet this ribbon would look good on the tree

Look at the ornament we found in this box!

What are you plotting Lucy?

Lucy goes for a hike to Bull Creek

I've got my rocks, where's the creek? many miles to this creek?

Princess Lucy and the Pirate Tomas

Stay back dread pirate...

Kim's Punkin Cake was a hit

Lucy counting her flowers

What a Lucky Day. Lucy gets to ride a horse!

Giddie Up horse.

Did you find Nemo yet?

Lucy taking her Daddy out for a ride

The Happy Face

The Surprised-Concern Face

The I'm-Only-Pretending-to-be-Mad Face

We said put up your toys...we didn't mean you had to go with them.

You want that report when!...can't you see I'm swamped here

The Blurr! Just you try and keep up...

Are you holding the paddle or is the paddle holding you?

Just barely enough hair for a pony tail!

Lucy relaxing at Nonnies

Lucy helps Papa plan their next adventure

Life's a Beach!

Fine Daddy! One more picture.

Lucy had a blast with her new cooking set.

What was that I just ate for dinner?! Fried WORMS!

Hmmm...pretty good.

Happy Easter Lucy

Second Birthdays are a LOT of work...

What do you think this thing gonna be fun?

Open this one before you run for more presents.

The sand/water table was a big hit!