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Archived for you enjoyment - Pictures from Lucy's Second Year

Oh My Gosh...I'm Sooo Excited! I'm Sooo Bored

Lets go Obie, I've got lots of shopping to do.

Did ya'll know this thing only goes in circles?

Lucy sitting tall in the saddle

Lucy pausing for reflection at the playground

The "Doodle Bug" at work

Oh yes! I look good in that one.

Merry Christmas Lucy

I told ya'll I was good...would a naughty girl get such a nice table and chairs?!

More tea?

Lucy gets to decorate her first Christmas Tree!

So this is where all the presents will go!!!

What...I have to be GOOD first?

Little Fuzz Head!

Lucy and Kim, Thanksgiving 2007

Hiking Lost Maples is hard work for a toddler.

Lucy is pleased when the rock she threw into the stream makes a big splash...SCORE!

Lucy and Tomas had a big time at the Parks and Wildlife Expo

I guess it's safe to fly, the date on the fire extinguisher is good

TPWD Helicopter now in the hands of two toddlers!

Sacked Out...

Now that I have my own backpack I'm ready to hike!

Are you sure...If I walk in that direction I'll make it to Grandma's...right?

See ya Lucy

Lucy was having fun at Tomas' 2nd Birthday Party when someone attacked with cake!

Why don't you adults grow up...that is not funny!

Diggin in the dirt at Grandma's House

Show me to the garden, I'm ready to dig up taters

Gross Lucy...

Lucy takes a break from baking her Kolaches to go check her flowers in the garden

What!? My Kolaches are burning!

Lucy are you having a bad-hair-day?

Lucy was very patriotic at the 4th of July Parade

Nice trike Lucy!

Polish the chrome, don't miss any spots.

Why are you looking at me so funny....

Man all this work is making me thirsty!

Lucy visits the Austin Zoo where she makes friends with Bambi

Wow Lucy...your not a baby anymore!

OK...we've seen the Lions, the Tigers, and the Bears...what now...Lunch?

Lucy had a blast at Kolby's Pool Party, Birthday Bash

This is a great party, can we stay?

Hey Kolby, nice party!

But Mama those kids are still in the pool...why do I have to get dry?

Lucy found a new friend

Lucy you are just SO Cool!

Lucy and her Kitty

You think I crawl fast...just wait until I master that walking thing.

Yes. I know I'm cute.

Big Brown Eyes!

'Lucy Nicholson'

Lucy Bluebonnet

Hang on Lucy, wait for Mommy

Oh man, this thing's gonna make LOTS of noise!

Why are ya'll all watching me eat're creeping me out... 1st Birthday Ever...