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Archived for you enjoyment - Pictures from Lucy's First Year

Lucy lost in her toys

Daddy...put the camera down and come play!

What ya thinking about Lucy?

A little fun along the trail

Lucy what is so funny about that piece of bark?

Lucy goes 'hiking' at Pedernales Falls

Just another day at the park

OK, Granny you watch, I'm gonna ride this one over there.

Oh My Gosh! What is that smell?

Granny, now are you SURE I'm supposed to be sitting on this rock?

Now didn't I say no pictures!

Try petting his head Lucy...

Lil Angel looking out the window

Fine Lucy....we'll watch whatever you choose

Princess Lucy presiding from her throne

Lucy...what a rebel...what a hairdo...

Hiking the easy way! Lucy in her new Sherpani hiking rig.

Merry Christmas Lucy!

Lucy Loves the Hobby Horse that Grandpa and Grandma made for her.

All I want for Christmas is a Box-o-Lucy

Great Granny and cousin Madison

Lucy got one front tooth for Christmas

Mmmmmm...this bread is Gooood!

Lucy "helps" with gift wrapping

Don't Blame Us...its Grandma's fault you look like an ornament!

"I think I can fix this thing..."

Lucy's First Thanksgiving

Mmmmm...Lucy likes turkey

Lucy's happy about her new hat, she's ready for winter

Lucy and Bubba the Brown Bear

Lil Punkin on her first halloween

Uhhh....Lucy...I'm not sure that's a hat

Kim and Lucy

Sittin pretty in her favorite overalls

Lucy is excited about the day when she gets to ride in Daddy's old pickup

This game is suspenseful

What did you say the score was!?

Lucy the Aggie Cheerleader

Lucy the photo critic, consulting with her agent...

Lucy is excited about her first camping trip...


First baby food


First Blue Jeans

Baby Elmo

Lil Angel

Good Morning Lucy!

Honey....what drawer did we put the baby in...

Lucy at the mercy of her Grandma and Grandpa

Forget Waldo...where's Lucy!

Lucy suggesting configuration changes to Daddy's server...OK not really

Ready for a walk at Shaffer Bend

Yes....this is my camp chair...


Future Basketball Star?

She's in deep thought about something.

Yes you are very cute....when your sleeping...

Just a swingin...


Naptime...what a life...

Ten Little Toes

Lucy, the budding audiophile?

Nope, not a big mint...just a Junior Mint

Mmmmmmm, what's for dinner

Kim and Lucy at dinner time

Grandma and Grandpa come for a visit

First Easter, Lucy seems less than impressed

Lucy's first bath

All squeaky clean

The little Bundle-of-Joy at home

Kim and Lucy coming home from the hospital

Lots of visitors dropped by in the hospital

Four Generations!

She's Here! Happy Birthday Lucy Elaine

She's so tiny...

Upset about something, nice hat.

Kim and I are expecting a new little baby girl this April. Mom and baby are both happy and healthy. See Baby B's first picture below. She's looking right at you!

The babies room is nearly finished. The painting and crown molding is finished. New blinds installed, crib and changing table assembled. Just add a baby!


The crib testers...they approve, shame the baby won't be as quiet :)