Lucy & Henry 2014
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Kim and Lucy checking out the high water in Wells Branch

No toy boat races in the spillway today!

Hank plays with a little boat in Mills Pond spillway

He gets a bit tangled in the painter...

Wasn't long ago I had to push Lucy on the swing.

Not anymore

Hank still needs a bit of help on the swing.

Running this playground is hard work

Christmas Anticipation...

Luke Skywalker sets out with Master Yoda in search of candy

Lucy Belcik as Laura Ingalls

Hank rides in style in the new CRV

He just has to be in the picture

Henry vs. T-Rex

PK4 and 3rd Grade!

First day of 3rd Grade!

Excited much Henry?


Lucy scores a ride in a Cessna 172

Lucy gets new mountain bike!


Train ride downtown

Camping, Lake Georgetown